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Your questions and suggestions send me an email, viber, WhatsApp or Telegram (To write in the chat is preferable).

Please ensure that the sponsor’s information is correct:
Sponsor’s CCI ID: 6210818
Sponsor’s first name: Константин / Konstantin
Sponsor’s last name: Румянцев/ Rumiantsev
Sponsor’s Refferal Code: 470348631254

Please familiarize yourself with the Rules of Registration.

  1. By clicking one of the following links: “Registration”, “Join Now”, “Free Registration”, you are confirming that you would like to become a Coral Club Member in the Organizational Structure of Konstantin Rumiantsev, who will become your Sponsor.
  1. By clicking one of the following links, you are confirming that you would like Enroller (Sponsor, K. Rumiantsev) to contact you in order to provide you with information about the Company, its products and their concepts of use.

VERY IMPORTANT! The Coral Club Discount Program works on a referral basis. Direct family members must enroll each other to the Club. Direct family includes spouses and common law partners, parents, children and siblings. Changing your Enroller can only be done after canceling your Contract with Coral Club and waiting 12 months.

By clicking on the Registration text-link or button (I accept, Register, Free Registration, Join Now), you are confirming that you have read, understood and accept the Rules of Registration.