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How to Join to Coral Club

Join the Coral Club and receive a Club Member Number (CCI ID).

You can fill out an application online and receive a Club Member Number (CCI ID).

Registration is free.

Benefits to being a Coral Club member:

  • purchase products with a 20% discount
  • receive rewards for your purchases
  • receive even more rewards by referring your friends

Becoming a Coral Club Member is easy, free and takes only a minute.

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Step 1: Getting started

1. Make your selection.

If you’d like to be a Coral Club member and a Customer, select “Customer”.

If you’d like to be a Coral Club member and a Independent Distributor of Coral Club, select “Distributor”.

2. Check a number of your Enroller’s CCI ID.

A CCI ID is an identification number issued to every Coral Club member.

To become a Coral Club member, you need to be referred by an existing member.

Your referrer’s CCI ID is 6210818.

3. Click field “I’m not a Robot” (Captcha “Я не робот”) and click to Continue button.


How to join to Coral Club USA

Step 2: Create account

Fill in the form as in example:

join to the coral club usa. create account cci

Click a REGISTER button to join the Coral Club now.

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