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Step 4. How to protect your body.

Modern lifestyle, especially the urban one, forces it’s conditions upon the humans: people have to drink the water of poor quality, breathe polluted air filled with production waste and exhaust gases and use synthetic drugs.

The majority of modern urban residents rarely use environment-friendly products. But they are constantly exposed to electromagnetic radiation, and live in a state of constant chronic stress. Along with the chemically treated food, antibiotics, stimulants, height- and weight-stimulating hormones find their way into our body. We eat vegetables and fruits that do not spoil for weeks.

The faucet water we drink contains big amounts of chlorine, which is one of the most active carcinogens. This doubles the risk of atherosclerosis, heart disease, and liver, as well as leads to the development of various chronic diseases and premature death.

More than 65% of all health problems of modern people come from the environment they live in.

The air in urban areas contains more than 40 000 different chemicals. Due the influence of emissions of non-ferrous metallurgy, the amount of the cardiovascular system diseases has increased. The urban atmosphere is polluted with nitrogen oxides, which damage our respiratory system. In areas of chemical industry enterprises allergic diseases are common.

Children are even more vulnerable. In recent years, sickness rates among young children have increased: during the first year of life, each child fall ills for at least three times.

The sickness rates are high among 14+ years old as well. Recent studies have shown that, among all registered diseases, the leading pathologies for children are respiratory diseases. Among the young people, the experts observe more and more cases of small height, weak bones, muscle underdevelopment, lack of hormones in the growing organism, “skinny” body and delayed sexual development.

How can you protect yourself and the loved ones in unfavorable environmental conditions?

Currently, there are many safe preventive medicines that help the body to resist the destructive effects of external and internal factors, as well as protect vital organs. The company “Coral Club International” provides exactly this kind of products.

Their use in everyday life will strengthen the immune system, increase your energy level and protect the body from various infections. It will ensure rapid recovery after diseases and improve your endurance as well as efficiency.

Health Formula consists of 4 steps:

  1. Give bioavailable water to the body
  2. Cleanse the body
  3. Nourish the body
  4. Protect the body

After completing these steps, we need to maintain our health at the proper level, ensuring the protection of our strong immunity.

To ensure reliable protection and systematic approach it’s best to follow the correct concept of health.

Psychology. You have to understand why do you need to be healthy and start to consciously take care of your health.

The psychological condition has a significant impact on health. In cases of chronic resentment, anger, envy and other dislike of those who surround you and yourself, people are constantly experiencing feelings and emotions that damage them. In a state of stress, which the body perceives as a threat to life, digestion, may even temporarily stop working.

Therefore, for good health we need to strive for harmony with the surrounding world and ourselves, have a positive attitude toward life and the desire to be healthy, to engage in spiritual development and to avoid negative emotions.

According to statistics, a large number of people like to be healed and regularly go to the doctors. They are taken by the healing process itself. A much smaller number of people want to be healthy – they took responsibility for their health by themselves and monitor their state of health. Therefore, first of all, one has to choose what he wants – to be healed or to be healthy.

Physical activity and elimination of acidifying drinks and food from your diet (if possible).

Normalization of the water balance of the body. To maintain health both the quantity – how much water you need to drink -, and the quality – what kind of water should be drunk – of water are important. Try to drink the proper water that is biologically active and useful, as well as the most suitable for our cells.

Engage in cleansing your body from harmful substances (parasites, toxins, toxins, viruses, bacteria, fungi) and clean it at least twice a year.

Cellular nutrition. For the health of cells, tissues, organs, systems and whole organism you should receive all necessary materials on a daily basis. These are 28 amino acids, 15 minerals, 12 vitamins, 7 enzymes, and 3 essential fatty acids.

Regular relaxation and healthy sleep. Our body needs regular rest much more than we think. It’s physically impossible to inhale without exhaling. But for some reason, certain individuals believe that it is possible to work without holiday, receiving monetary compensation in it’s stead. And if our body is extremely tired, it may even fall ill in order to obtain much needed rest and relaxation …

Using even 25% of this information, you can save yourself from chronic diseases, and can actually help your family, introducing them to the concept of health and showing your own results. It is important to apply the complex, systematic approach. The Coral Club International provides it’s members with this kind of systematic approach.

Coral Club is an association of people who aspire to health and longevity. They only use natural, environment-friendly products and the proper water, which can be purchased in our hypermarket of Health.

You too can become one of us. Perhaps your time has come to join the Coral Club. And I introduce you.

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The concept of health. 4 steps to health. Step 4.


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