The concept of health

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Throughout life’s journey, we gain many skills. We learn how to read, count, knit, draw, and more. But we don’t learn how to live longer. In our race for social status, money and leisure, we expend our strength, and with it our health. Naively, we think it will last forever. It’s only when our health starts to fail, that we recognize its importance. As for us, we will not wait until we fully realize how important this problem is. Instead, we will teach ourselves how to be healthy.

The concept of health

You may have a lot of money, cars, estates, and other things, but all of this hangs on one thin thread, which is called Health. As soon as health issues arise, everything else ceases to exist. Restore it and take a good care of it!

“The concept of health”. A lot of people heard this phrase many times. But what is the meaning it carries? What are the benefits of this information for a particular person? In other words, what do I get for myself if I become acquainted with the concept of health? What questions can my parents or children answer? And how can it be useful for my relatives, friends and acquaintances?

Thanks to this concept, a lot of people around the world have already solved their health issues. At first glance, it seems to be too simple. But behind this simplicity lies correctness and deep understanding of the processes, as well as systematic approach to healing and health itself. That’s why the popularity of this concept is growing every minute.

Today, my dear friend, you have the unique opportunity to learn this precious information and discover new knowledge for yourself. It’s up to you how you manage it. This is both your choice and your responsibility – responsibility for yourself, your health and your own life. And also for passing this knowledge to people who are close to you, so no one can tell you later: “Why did you know and say nothing? This really could have helped…”

The correct concept of health and systematic approach to it suggest an algorithm – a sequence of specific actions that can lead you to the planned outcome.

A person who has a serious health problem is usually indifferent to everything else. Therefore, our first and most important goal is health.

Health – it is not just the absence of disease, it is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. The psychological state, physical activity, air, water, food – all these factors determine our health. Each factor is very important for human health, but individually these areas only slow the progression of disease. In order to fully restore and maintain your health, it is necessary to use a complex approach, because the individual use of different methods may only slow the progression of disease, buy can’t stop it completely. Moreover, in order to be completely healed, it is very important to identify and resolve the underlying causes of the disease and to realize the lesson that the disease has taught you.

The main factors affecting health:

  • – Lifestyle 50%
  • – Medicine – errors in the treatment of 20%
  • – Heredity 15%
  • – Ecology 15%

In this case, we can only influence the lifestyle.

In order to maintain or restore your health, you must understand the principles of health concepts, accept them into your life and take action.

“The concept of health”, as simple as everything that’s genius, is a systemic method that allows you to preserve and restore health with minimum time and effort expenditure.

Doctor Chimaobi Ozurigbo: The concept of health

The concept of health is based on two principles:

I. An integrated systematic approach.

II. The fact that cells are renewable.

I. The concept of health. An integrated systematic approach.

A comprehensive approach includes the following items:

  1. Psychology (spiritual, psycho-emotional state, positive thinking).
  2. Breathing.
  3. Water.
  4. Power.
  5. Purification from ABBVFY and P.
  6. Movement – physical activity.

Each of these items is the subject of a separate lecture, or even several. Let’s take a brief look at all the items in this article, and those who are interested will be able to learn the details in the relevant articles on our website.

1. Psychology.

The psychological condition has a significant impact on health. In cases of chronic resentment, anger, envy and other dislike of yourself and those who surround you, people are constantly experiencing feelings and emotions that damage them. In a state of stress, which the body perceives as a threat to life, digestion may even temporarily stop working.

Therefore, for good health we need to strive for harmony with the surrounding world and ourselves, have a positive attitude towards life and the desire to be healthy, to engage in spiritual development and to avoid negative emotions.

According to statistics, a large number of people like to be healed and regularly go to the doctors. They are taken by the healing process itself. A much smaller number of people want to be healthy – they take responsibility for their health by themselves and monitor their state of health. Therefore, first of all, one has to choose what he wants – to be healed or to be healthy.

2. Breathing.

Breathing is life. What and how we breathe affects our state. In today’s world the percentage of oxygen in the air has greatly decreased, especially in urban and industrial areas. Not everyone has the opportunity to live in the territory of clean air. People periodically go to nature, go on a vacation – the sea, the mountains, but that’s not enough – when we return to the city, our body is polluted by toxins again.

There is one more point: even if you breathe the fresh air as much as you need, the cells will still suffer oxygen starvation in acidic environment. In turn, the lack of oxygen further acidifies the body. This creates a vicious circle, which leads to disease.

To prevent disease and to aid the body you can increase the percentage of oxygen assimilation from the air, as well as to make its delivery to our body’s cells more efficient. That can be achieved by the use of the right antioxidants.

Antioxidants are substances that can slow or prevent the oxidation of the body. They neutralize the negative effects of free radicals, accelerate cleansing, healing and regeneration of cells, slow the aging process, reduce risk of cancer, cardio – vascular diseases, muscular dystrophy and others.

Antioxidants accelerate the process of recovery and healing of damaged cells and tissues.

If the intake of essential nutrients is adequate, antioxidants stimulate self-healing processes of the body and contribute to the treatment of many diseases, including chronic ones.

3. WATER. The water plays a huge role in our lives and health. Every child knows that the human body consists of water for approximately 70%. Water is the regulator of all processes in our body. In most cases, lack of water and poor water quality are the main causes of ill health.

It is important for your health to maintain both the quantity (how much water you need to drink), and the quality of water (what kind of water should be drunk).


There is a wise saying: “We are what we eat.” In recent times, we violate the laws of nature on the naturalness of necessary components of our food more and more.

Our food is becoming more and more refined, canned, flavored, modified with a long shelf life and stripped of its vitality in process.

The human body needs a natural, environmentally friendly, balanced diet. The usefulness of the nutrition is determined by the presence of the total amount of vital substances (amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, fatty acids), which are necessary for the optimal functioning of the human body cells.

5. Purification from ABVFY and P. “ABVFY and P” stands for “Aggression of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts and protozoa.”

“In fact, parasites have killed far more people than all the wars in history”, – says «National Geographis».

And what is a parasite? Parasite is an organism that lives at the expense of the owner. He lives a parallel life within our organism, feeding on our energy, our cells or cellular nutrition. They are happy to consume all the nutritional menu of his master, leaving him lactic acid and toxins in return.

Inside a human body there can be more than 100 species of parasites, from microorganisms to worms several meters long. Contrary to the popular belief that the only parasites live in our intestines, they can be found in any part of the body: in the lungs, muscles, joints, liver, esophagus, brain, blood, skin or even in the eyes!

How can a parasite exist in a human body for a long time without being suspected? These “smart” beings are so tricky that they can mask their presence as the symptoms of widespread diseases. Therefore, competent experts recommend cleansing from parasites to anyone who suffers from “popular” diseases.

Parasites release toxins (which sour our bodies), destroy our body, restrict our vitality and manipulate us. The determined effect that parasites have on the human gene pool is the following: the duration of the life of each successive generation is reduced by 10-15 years.

Given the very high level of infection, it is necessary to pass a course of purification 2 times a year. It is important to bear in mind that a one-time destruction of the parasites may immediately cause severe intoxication in the body. Therefore, it is necessary to create conditions under which the parasite can’t develop, move, multiply, or exist and die a natural death, without harming our health.

Over billions of years of its existence, the simplest organisms that appeared at the dawn of evolution have developed reliable survival mechanisms. For many parasites such way of protection and multiplication is a human himself and control of his behavior.

To tell the truth, we can’t completely get rid of the parasites once and for all, as we continue to live in the same environment and conditions in which we lived before cleansing. However, we can create an environment in our body, where the vital activity and the development of parasites will not be possible, and they will not stay in our body if they get inside.

The best way to cleanse and to reliably protect yourself against the parasites is to use safe anti-parasitic herbal remedies and to have alkaline body environment, high immunity and clear organism.

Cleansing the lymphatic system

Lymph is the most important life-support system, which is responsible for the immune system as well as the elimination of toxins and other harmful substances.

The scurf on the tongue in the morning, bad breath, swelling, frequent acute respiratory infections, inflamed tonsils, colds, cough are signs that the body is full of toxic substances against which lymph system struggles and, in some cases, stops to cleanse itself.

This leads to accumulation of toxic compounds and poisoning of the body, which lowers immunity. Therefore, it’s necessary to periodically cleanse the lymphatic system, especially after the application of anti-parasitic programs.

Complete cleansing of the body

Have you carried a spring cleaning at home? Washed the floors? Threw garbage? Probably, yes, because we all want to have clean and tidy house. But do you cleanse your own body that needs to be cleaned before anything else? People do not realize how “dirty” their bodies are. Malnutrition, poor environment and stress leads to the accumulation of toxic substances, slag and fecal stones (from 2 to 15 kg in the colon over 40 years of life) that need to be removed.

The cleansing should consist of several stages: the preparation of the body, cleansing and restoration of microflora after cleansing, otherwise cleansing will have negative consequences.

Never resort to cleansing by the means of diets. Diet means cessation of nutrients, that leads to creation of sick cells, since they do not get a building material. Consequently, sick organs and even sick systems are formed. Cleansing should be directed to the removal of toxins and slag.

6. Movement. Physical activity.

Movement is life.

“The secret of longevity lies in five conditions: hardened body, healthy nerves, nutrition, environment and daily work.” Mahmud Eyvazov, Azerbaijan long-liver, who lived 152 years (1808-1960).

Undoubtedly, each given factor is very important for human health, but individually these areas only slow the progression of disease. In order to fully restore and maintain your health it is necessary to use a complex approach.

For example, it’s not enough to engage in breathing exercises and yoga. The body needs air, good water and nutrition as well. Health recovery rate depends on the quantity and quality of factors involved to clean the human body, due to the principle of cells renewability.

7. Regular relaxation and healthy sleep. Our body needs regular rest much more than we think. It’s physically impossible to inhale without exhaling. But for some reason, certain individuals believe that it is possible to work without holiday, receiving monetary compensation in it’s stead. And if our body is extremely tired, it may even fall ill in order to obtain much needed rest and relaxation …


The human body is composed of 12 physiological systems. All the systems consist of organs, the organs are made of tissues, and the tissues are composed of cells.

The cell is the smallest unit of everything that lives, the underlying part of structure and development of the organism. It is an elementary living system capable of self-renewal, self-control and self-reproduction. It eats, moves in search of food, chooses where to go and what to eat, protects itself and does not let inside unsuitable substances and creatures from the environment.

Cells are the basic “building blocks of life” and if they are healthy, then the tissues and organs will be healthy as well. Our systems will function without deviation, and we will be healthy.

Each cell carries out its duties and has its lifetime. Old cells are destroyed and replaced by the new ones. That’s how our tissues, organs, and eventually the entire body are renewed.

According to various medical sources, organ recovery rate in normal self-regulation conditions is as follows:

  • 3-5 days: all cells of the stomach are renewed; one cell lives for three minutes;
  • 1-8 days: the epithelium of 12 duodenal ulcer is renewed;
  • 3 days: jejunum epithelium is renewed;
  • 3-6 days: epithelium of the small intestine is renewed;
  • 12-18 hours: colon epithelium is renewed;
  • 6-14 days: the whole intestinal epithelium is completely renewed;
  • 9-14 days: stratum corneum is renewed;
  • 3 weeks: all the adipose tissue is renewed;
  • 5 weeks all the skin cells are completely renewed;
  • 1 year: 98% of atomic structure of the human are renewed;
  • 90-150 days: the blood in the body changes completely;
  • 1 day: 5% of the skin are renewed;
  • 48 hours: muscles recovery finished when in pain;
  • 3 months: the pancreas is renewed;
  • 10 years: the bones are renewed;
  • Acid-base balance is restored within 10 days.

The question is why do we get sick or grow old? The main reason lies in the absence of conditions for the development and reproduction of healthy cells (as was proven by experimental works of Alexis Carrel).

Acidification of the body and a lack of cellular nutrition (see “What does a cell need?) leads to a shortage of building material. As a result, the intestinal cells mutate, become unfinished, stop functioning, and this leads to malfunction of organs and the whole body.

The processes that occur in our bodies every day are similar to a normal construction site. Imagine that cells of the body are buildings. Now think, what kind of buildings are obtained in the absence of at least one building material such as cement: a house without walls or without the basement?! The same thing happens inside our body.

So, if a sick cell is provided with all necessary building materials and a favorable environment, we can build a generation of healthy cells that will carry out their functions.

If we create the optimum conditions for life and regeneration of cells, each new generation of cells will be more healthy than the previous one.

By maintaining these conditions for all generations of cells over time, we get more healthy organs and consequently the improvement of the entire human body.

What does the cell need?

health for your cells! What does your cell need

Every day, each cell needs proper nutrition (building materials), water (environment for biochemical processes) and oxygen.

Thus, water, food and oxygen are necessary for the health of the cell.

Cell nutrition: all your's cells need


This is what you need for the cell and, therefore, for your body:

  • 28 amino acids
  • 15 minerals
  • 12 vitamins
  • 7 enzymes
  • 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (essential fatty acids).

Amino acids are the building blocks of all living things: people, animals, plants. Our cells are made up of human proteins, but we do not eat other people. We are fed on plants and animals, and their aminos are decomposed by our body and with the help of minerals are turned into human ones. Otherwise, we would have looked like what we eat.

There are 28 amino acids, and most of them are formed in the human body. Certain amino acids can’t be synthesized in the body, so they must be received with food. They are called essential. Should even one essential amino acid be absent, the synthesis of proteins is suspended, and this is the cause of disease.

Even if a person consumes large amounts of protein, there are plenty of factors that lead to amino acid deficiency, namely, infection, trauma, stress, medication, aging and digestive disorders. Therefore, biologically active supplements containing essential amino acids, can be of great help in maintaining and restoring health.

Minerals rearrange amino acids in a necessary order. Only organic minerals should be present in the human body (inorganic are poorly absorbed and instead are accumulated in the body).

In the natural environment organic minerals that can be digested by the human body are present in amino chelate state. They are formed when plants process inorganic minerals, obtained from soils. Soil degradation leads to the lack of minerals in the body!

Vitamins start the process of replacing minerals in amino acids and provide minerals with energy necessary to rearrange the amino acids . Vitamins are only absorbed in their natural form.

Enzymes act as control of all vital processes in our body. They “dismantle” everything that’s complicated into simple components and take part in the digestion of food. Only in the presence of enzymes energy is extracted from food.

The body needs plant enzymes, since animal enzymes (for example, “Mezim forte”) are addictive.

Enzymes trigger vitamins, vitamins are involved in chemical reactions of amino acids rearrangement by minerals. Substitution of minerals in the amino acid matrix leads to a change in the amino acid molecule itself. Without enzymes, vitamins and minerals are virtually ineffective.

The essential fatty acid or polyunsaturated fatty acids are the basis of the cell membrane (or the cover, 50%), providing the necessary permeability. Without healthy membranes, cells lose their ability to retain water, amino acids and other nutrients, as well as the ability to transmit genetic information. Also, essential fatty acids are crucial for the functioning of the nervous system and brain.

Ergo, 28 amino acids, 15 minerals, 12 vitamins, 7 groups of enzymes and 3 essential fatty acids form a single chain. And it’s necessary for our cells to absorb them every day.

We should get all of the nutrients from food, but there is a number of conditions. At the temperature of 60 degrees Celsius amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids and enzymes are destroyed. That’s why more than 50% of the food we consume shouldn’t be processed.

If any food preservatives are used (natural preservatives – salt, sugar, vinegar, citric acid, artificial and – flavor enhancers, odors, colors, emulsifiers, additives E), vitamins and enzymes, even those which are already in our body, will be destroyed. Sunlight, oxygen and the flow of time itself are harmful for them (there are no vitamins or enzymes in a jam).

The only way out of it is to balance and optimize your diet. For more information on how to do this, read: feed the body.

It is important to understand that even if you give a cell all the necessary building blocks, little gets inside without water. Moreover, since all of the cellular metabolic processes are associated with the liquid environment, the water you consume should possess a number of specific properties.


Water! Without it, the life itself would cease to exist. This is the most important substance on Earth.


Human and water


To maintain health both the quantity and the quality of water are important.

Quantity. Healthy person in normal climatic conditions need to drink 30ml of pure water per 1kg of weight (on average – 1.5-2 liters per day). If a person is engaged in sport, the rate rises to 40 ml per 1 kg of weight. If the weather is hot, it is recommended to drink 50 ml of water per 1 kg of weight. If a person is sick, the usual rate is increased by 2 times – up to 60 ml per 1 kg of weight.


Quality. Every day the body needs proper water. Instead, we drink a lot of different substances, such as carbonated beverages and soft drinks, packaged juices, coffee, tea or pasteurized beer. Instead of sating our body with water, these drinks cause the body to dehydrate. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, MD stated: “Chronic dehydration at the cellular level is the primary cause of degenerative disease.” (See the book of F.Batmanghelidzh “Your Body cries for more water»)

In order for the water to assimilate and to be consumed by the cell, it must be proper – that is, the water must possess certain properties.

What kind of water do we need?

According to the World Health Organization drinking water must meet 120 criteria. Let’s consider the most important ones:

Proper water should be clean, structured, slightly mineralized, slightly alkaline, with a negative ORP and correct surface tension.

1. Water must be clean. It should not contain chlorine and organic compounds, heavy metals, nitrates, nitrites, pesticides, bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa.

In order to learn more about water purification methods, read here: methods of water purification.

2. Structure. We need the water with the correct structure, which carries information about the health and longevity.

Water Structure water clusters


All bodily fluids are structured. Only in this state they are able to get inside the cells.

3. Mineralization. Water carries dissolved particles of various minerals and microelements. “Empty” water with insufficient mineralization flushes minerals and microelements out of our body. On the other hands, constant consumption of mineral water with high concentration of salts can lead to kidney stone disease. That’s why proper water should be slightly mineralized.

4. Surface Tension is both the permeability and the dissolving power of water. The water you drink from the faucet or bottle has a surface tension of 73 dyne / cm and is very different from the water, which surrounds your body tissues and cells.


The water should be sufficiently “liquid”, easy to assimilate, and have ST comparable to that of intracellular and extracellular fluid (43 dyne / cm). This facilitates the transport of nutrients into the cells and promotes excretion of toxins from the body. Only water with low enough surface tension (43 dyne / cm) has the ability to enter the cell, to convey all the nutrients and relieve the cell from the waste.

5. pH is an index of acid-base balance that indicates hydrogen energy and the level of activity in liquid environment. At present, the bodies of many people are in a state of acidification (pH less than 7.0), due to poor nutrition, stress and environmental pollution. Generally, the liquids and the products that we consume are acidic. For example, sugar, flour, carbon dioxide (carbonated drinks) have a pH of 3.


It is believed that an acidic environment is one of the main causes of the cells destruction and tissue damage, the development of diseases and the aging process, as well as the growth of disease-causing organisms. In an acidic environment the building material does not reach the cell, and the membrane of the cell collapses.

Therefore, to preserve and maintain the health, we need alkaline water (pH = 7.5 and above). This will help to maintain the acid-base balance of body fluids, as the basic living environments have a slightly alkaline reaction (pH of blood is 7.43, with a decrease to 7.1 death occurs).

Even in a biologically neutral environment, your body can possess an amazing ability to heal itself.

6. The redox potential (ORP). The main processes that provide the vital activity of any organism are redox reactions, i.e., reactions associated with the transfer of electrons.

Its positive values indicate the flow of the oxidation process and the absence of electrons. Negative values indicate the flow of AFP recovery and availability of electron process. Therefore, positively charged water is dead water, which takes away our energy to restore itself. Negatively charged water is living, and it gives us energy!


Water can hill, Water can kill. What are the differences?

Drinking wrong kind of water can actually make us sick & premature aging. Many of us do not aware that our cells need more than just cleaned or filtered water. However, sadly to say that almost all the available treated water in the market is proton-saturated; (+ORP) and hence, it rotten our cells. Healthy drinking water must be electron-rich (- ORP) thereby it is a powerful free radical scavenger.

The internal environment of our body has negative ORP.

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We can draw conclusions from everything stated above, and formulate the Golden Rule of Health.

The Golden Rule of Health:

If you provide a cell with necessary building material and sufficient amounts of proper water, as well as cleanse the body of parasites and toxins, the cell will be healthy. Ergo, so will be the tissues, so will be the organs, so will be the physiological systems. Therefore, the whole body will be healthy.


That means we are healthy and feeling great!

Doctor Alexander: Concept’s of Health

This requires 4 important steps:

4 Steps to be healthy: give water to the body, cleanse the body, nourish the body, protect the body.

The concept of health. 4 steps to health

 Step 1. Plenty of water

The concept of health. 4 steps to health. Step 1.

Step 2. Cleanse the body

The concept of health. 4 steps to health. Step 2.

Step 3. Feed the body

The concept of health. 4 steps to health. Step 4.

Step 4. Protect the body.

The concept of health. 4 steps to health. Step 4.

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